Real Estate Personality Test

Our personality impacts a great deal of the decisions we make, from what we'll wear to the type of job we pursue. Where we choose to live is no exception. Before starting your house hunt, find out what type of home best fits your personality and lifestyle with this quiz.

1) You're gazing out your kitchen window into the backyard. What would you want to see?

2) The idea of your neighbors coming over for a BBQ or drinks...

3) How much noise is too much noise?

4) Claustrophobia aside, how much room do you need to feel comfortable?

5) In all honesty, how much can you realistically invest in a home, taking a mortgage, utilities, food, and other expenses into consideration?

6) A clogged sink, leaky roof, a busted water heater... would you be able to handle repairs like these?

7) How much time are you willing to spend cleaning your place from top to bottom, every room, every dusty corner?

8) The idea of shoveling piles of snow in the winter and/or mowing the lawn every month in the summer makes you feel:

9) What do you think about the whole "white-picket fence" ideal?

10) How long do you foresee yourself living in the property you want to purchase?

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